“Plenty of comedy videos emanate from Chicago. Few, though, are as sharply produced as “Kam Kardashian,” a satire of pop culture and minority status. It’s performed and edited with a real instinct for comedic timing… It’s the kind of work that should get Mirza and Logan noticed outside Chicago. There’s a real confidence at work in the series that’s evident from the start. Logan and Mirza have created an entire cockamamie world in these videos, one far richer and more entertaining, it turns out, than the many reality series featuring actual Kardashians.” – Chicago Tribune

PROJECT OF THE WEEK & One of the “14 Best Female-Centered Web Series” – INDIEWIRE

“For my money, Kam is more worthwhile than any of her sisters.” – Tubefilter

“The new reality show about gay Kardashian sister [is] a hit… Focusing on the Kardashians’ lesbian “sister” it is fast becoming a You Tube phenomenon – perhaps because the main character, Kam, says the things that we all think about the two beauties.” – DIVA Magazine

“Mirza and Logan collectively add something flavorful and relevant to the evolution of gay characters simply being themselves and doing regular things” – Curve Magazine

“While I can’t tell if it’s entirely scripted or totally improv (always a good sign of quality acting and direction), it’s hilarious… star Fawzia Mirza makes it all seem so fresh, especially with its uniquely LGBTQ spin.” – Placevine

“We thought we’d met every offspring Kris Jenner shot out of her womb and slapped a weave on, but it turns out there’s another Kardashian child: Meet Kam Kardashian, lesbian sister to Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, Kumbaya and Krispy Kreme.” – Queerty

“Pssst– have you heard about the queer Kardashian? The brainchild of Chicago comedian Fawz Mirza, Kam Kardashian began as a joke over drinks and has grown into the subject of an ongoing web series.” – Chicago Sun-Times

“Fawzia Mirza’s laugh out loud web series [is] simply titled “Kam Kardashian” …Logan and Mirza do most of the writing, but the cast chips in with some fluid improvising, most notably between Mirza and Mary Hollis Inboden, who plays her best friend with perfect dead-pan delivery.” – Reel Chicago

“Kam Kardashian is hilarious.” – The L Stop

“Actor/comedian Fawzia Mirza is rapidly gaining attention for Kam Kardashian, her web series about the forgotten, queer (or should that be Kueer?) Kardashian sister.” – AfterEllen

“This is some seriously funny shit by a woman I adore. I love this web series (and really, how often do you get to say that?). I dare you to watch and not laugh your ass off. Watch. Laugh. Tweet. Support. Donate.” – I Know Chicago

“A web series like this continuously exerts effort to find itself in an unfamiliar grounds, with an evolving and innovative plot. With over 100 reported LGBT-themed productions in 2012, the people behind this web series aimed to add something to the menu that provides a rather delectable after-taste and relevant to the evolution of the gay and lesbian characters in the mainstream and alternative media.” – Lesbian Lifestyle Magazine

“…it’s a show to watch out for. The first season showed a lot of potential, but only lasted four episodes. For the second season creator Fawzia Mirza (who also plays Kam) and Ryan Logan promise to up their game, including doubling the episode order to eight.” – Televisual

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